Vauxhall Astra Van Reviews with History and Road Test

The Vauxhall Astra Van can be your solutions if your driving business does not depend on so much mile and payload that you have to do. A van is the best choice for business people who want to make comfort as the most important features of their business. So does Astra Van. This van is able to give us more comfort and more commercial because it has spacious cargo at its back as same as normal van. However, the Astra Van is just a van model even though it is not as big as normal van. But, everything looks good when we came inside this Vauxhall additional trim for Astra. Let us check it out below.

Vauxhall Astra Van Models

The models of Vauxhall Astra Van vary from petrol and diesel engine. There is only one petrol engine and three diesels. The petrol engine trim is Club model with 1.4 L capacity. Meanwhile, the rests are Sportive with 1.2 L diesel, Sportive SE with 1.7 L and ecoFlex with 1.9 L diesel.  All of them carry light van models and different engines. Based on this lineup, buyers are offered with three diesel engines which are very environmentally friendly.


The Vauxhall Astra Van appeared as the fifth generation straightly. It came in September 2005 as a mark of Vauxhall’s van resurrection. For your information, the first Astra Van was made its debut in 1981. It replaced the Chevette which was categorized as based Chevanne at the moment. Then, the debut of second generation continued four years later. This was also followed by the debut of Astramax variant with high-roof features. In 1992, the third generation of Astra Van had come. Coming with higher-quality and more commercial this time, then it was replaced for four yearslater in 1998. This was very booming because the Astra Van’s rival was absence at the moment, the Ford Focus. After that, the next generation was filled by 2006 model year. For your information, the 2006 model offers 1.4 L petrol engine and 3 diesels. All trims also come with manual and automatic gearbox. Actually, there were only two trims. But, the Sportive SE also came right a year after its launching. Perhaps, the 2006 model is the best model of the entire lineup of Vauxhall Astra Van. Then, the new range also came in 2009 including the entire car range of Astra. The ecoFlex model ushered in 2012.


We have said that the Vauxhall Astra Van especially as 2006 model is the best model after all. It is proven by some achievements that were gained by this special van. The first achievement was commended in 2007 at Commercial Motor Tester Choice’s awards as Editor’s Choice. It proves that this van is loved by its many buyers through 2007 sales. After that, there is no achievement left for this van until it’s post-production in 2012. It was also the end of Astra Van production after Vauxhall launched the ecoFlex model in the lineup.

Reason to Choose

There are some reasons why people love the Vauxhall Astra Van after its fifth generation as 2006 model. The first one is because everyone in 2004 to 2009 was familiar with the styles and designs of Vauxhall Astra. That makes this van model becoming popular easily and instantly. Moreover, people also love the modified model of the Estate which was popular as the load-carrying with its large capacity right behind the front seats. Secondly, the Astra van adapts the sharp line of iconic Astra’s car range. You may notice it when seeing the V grille design on its front fascia. If we directly compared this model with other compact vans, this elegant van is very attractive and of course modern. The Astra Estate’s inspire part also filled inside the cabin of Astravan. As you can see, the rear seats and the glasswork were fully shown the Estate was.


If we are questioning the reliability of Vauxhall Astra Van, we are absolutely incorrect because this van is very reliable for modern people especially who conduct driving business. Did you remember how long this van can be the 2006 model year? Yes, it was through very long journey since its first debut in 1981. It was nearly thirty years of developments. AS the result, we cannot find any reliability issues through this van, right? Perhaps, the problem comes when we take a look on the 1.7 diesel engine which is a bit noisy especially on its start up. But, the noise will be reduce right after the started up by the way. What about its body design? It is almost perfect as modern van. The one-touch indicators in its cabin many give you more effort to adapt, but it is just all about time to make you accustomed with them.

Vauxhall Astra Van Parts

There are some parts of Vauxhall Astra Van which you can replace in the future. You have to know that these prices are based on the 2008 Astra Van with 1.4 L engine. The first one is the new clutch system. It requires £145 to be assembled. The front brake pads can be replaced with £20If you want to change the radiator for AC, it costs for £130. Last but not least, you have to prepare £300 in order to replace the alternators. Actually all parts are pricier. But, it depends on how you negotiate with the seller. If you want to get cheaper one, you may choose the used but fine replacement parts.

Road Test

For taller drivers, you have to be a bit prepared for long-time journey with this car because the driving position is best at 6 feet of height only. When we tried the seating, it gave firm feel wherever we place our body. This also happens for rear passengers by the way. The performance of Astra Van can be measured when we were facing poor road surface. This van was accomplished through after it easily. The accuracy of gear shifting was also quick and fast. It makes everyone who drive the Vauxhall Astra Van does not get tired immediately.

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